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Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Style

When planning the lighting for your bathroom, remember that you want it to work equally well at all times of the day and throughout the year, whether it’s dark December or sunny July. I advice to use trimless downlights and wall switch inside a bathroom. You’ll also want to use the bathroom for different purposes at different times.

A muted colour scheme will stop a bathroom with bright lights from looking too clinical. If your bathroom is on the small side, consider a few spotlights on the ceiling over the bath and basin. Install a dimmer switch for the best effect.

Shower room with downlights and hidden lighting | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Shower room with downlights and hidden lighting

Bathroom lighting has to work on many levels. Think about how you will use the bathroom at different times of day. You want your bathroom to be bright and functional in the mornings, especially around the mirror area, but you also want to be able to wind down in the evenings with a nice relaxing bath. Fairly bright lights pointing in all directions make this a bathing space that’s perfect for relaxing soaks with no danger of dazzling beams. Reccessed walls are great for hiding spotlights and LEDs.

Black glamorous bathroom with candelabra | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Black glamorous bathroom with candelabra

To help you choose the right bathroom lighting, think about who is going to be using the space. If it’s a children’s bathroom, you might want motion-sensitive lighting that switches on and off by itself. If it’s going to be used by adults, you may want mood lighting or a dimmer, and several different circuits – perhaps a low-level light in the shower, floor lighting, overhead lighting and lights around the mirror. Downlights work hard in this bathroom scheme, from the spots in the ceiling to the sparkling pendant, but the star of the show is the decadent floor lamp. The modern plasma fire makes bath time extra special.

Bathroom with decorative wall lights | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Bathroom with decorative wall lights

The marble around the top of the bath gives this bathroom a hint of luxury. Lights dotted around the wall create a romantic atmosphere, add warmth to the scheme, and can easily be replaced.

Contemporary bathroom with mirrors and hidden lighting | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Contemporary bathroom with mirrors and hidden lighting

Here, the wall-to-ceiling mirrors bring light into the room, while the wall-mounted TV is a luxurious finishing touch. Consider incorporating spotlight in the ceiling and around the mirror for a seamless look.

Bathroom twin sinks and wall lamps | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Bathroom twin sinks and wall lamps

The mirror doubles the room in size, while the twin basin unit adds a touch of hotel chic to this bathroom. Take inspiration from the bedroom by incorporating two wall lamps on either side of the mirror.

Neutral bathroom with roll-top bath and spotlights | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Neutral bathroom with roll-top bath and spotlights

The roll-top bath is strategically positioned next to windows cut out of the fretwork of beams. His-and-hers basins are a stylish and practical option for large bathrooms.

Red and gold bathroom with LED lights | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Red and gold bathroom with LED lights

For a dramatic look, use gold leaf on one wall of the bathroom and combine with rich-red brick tiles and a freestanding bath. Downlights work hard in this bathroom. The lights emphasise the curved lines of the fittings and cast a flattering glow across the bath.

Traditional bathroom with crystal chandelier | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Traditional bathroom with crystal chandelier

Create a focal point in your bathroom with a grand chandelier. A glistening metal and crystal number suits this traditional bathroom, but you could also add a classic twist by opting for a bold antique chandelier. A traditional washstand and mirror give a decorative look to this bathroom. The claw foot bath sits on French limestone tiles and is positioned to give a view across the fields.

Shabby-chic bathroom with feature wallpaper and candles | Brilliant bathroom lighting | Bathroom decorating ideas | 25 Beautiful Homes | Housetohome

Shabby-chic bathroom with feature wallpaper and candles

Lighting doesn’t have to be artificial. Go back to basics with simple lighting, such as candles, for a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom. Scatter a selection of pretty holders on shelves and tables for a decorative look. Always remember to blow out your candles once you leave the room. Gorgeous gold and silver-toned wisteria wallpaper creates a sumptuous sanctuary in this shabby-chic bathroom.




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Different Uses of LED Lights

Led Lights

It is only the other day when people would only think about tiny red lights in laser pointers anytime someone mentioned LED equipment for sale in London. As more and more people begin to appreciate the energy saving benefits of LED lights for home in London, it seems that there are many more used for LED lighting today beginning from trimless downlights, TVs to headlights as well as wallpaper and clothing and a wall switch inside a bathroom all of which are being lit up using versatile lighting technology.

LED equipment for sale in London is super-compact and they don’t emit heat, therefore, using a greater fraction of their energy into light as opposed to heat as you find in the traditional incandescent bulb.


The design of LED lights for sale in London is flexible and they have a plastic design the means that they can be used in different innovative ways because unlike the other bulbs you can touch LEDs.

LED lights in London

There are many wonderful and weird uses of LED lighting equipment in London so that there is more to LED than illuminating homes and streets. One thing you want to appreciate about LED lighting is that it is 8 times more energy efficient than your standard incandescent bulb but beyond that, LED technology has other innovative uses that cam make use more productive and happier.

LED Virtual Sky panels

LED Virtual Mood Skylight

One of the newest forms of LED equipment for sale in London are LED virtual sky panels which have been designed to take up the place of office ceilings; these light laced modules have been made to mimic the sky so that it gives office workers the impression that they are working in an open field under the blue sky. This provides a more pleasant work environment which cannot be compared to the traditional flickering fluorescent bulbs.

Research has been done to show that the natural day-lighting from this LED technology enhances productivity by up to 15%.

Solar-powered LED car sunroofs

solar powered led car

If you have been inside a car on a sunny day you know pretty well how hot and steamy it can be inside the car’s interior. You may as well want to get on top of things by converting that energy from the sun to better use. This is the idea behind the new solar-powered LED car sunroofs that are being developed by Philips.

As a driver you will be able to switch between a normal, solar powered and clear sunroof when you want to illuminate the car’s interior. If you tied a bunch of incandescent bulbs to your cabinets or car you will be met with funny looks; however, you can get better results using flat rope LED lights which can come on a roll and are available in a dazzling array of colors, are super light and hugely versatile.



Espresso Martini Festival

espresso martini

When someone says Espresso Martini, everyone turns into a ‘woo girl’.

It’s Australia’s favourite cocktail right now and now we have an entire festival dedicated to the caffeinated alcoholic drink.

Mr Black is returning to Melbourne after its successful debut last year. The Mr Black Festival of the espresso martini will take over Meat Market in November, serving up at least 20 versions of the drink.

The Meat Marker will be divided into four different bar areas for coffee lovers including the main bar, the Mr Black Coffee Shop (where you’ll find your liquor topped with a doughnut), The Coffee Nut Espresso Martini if you’re feeling a little fruity, a speakeasy-bar spot by Everleigh Bottling Co and an outdoor tiki bar run by Windsor’s Jungle Boy.

Learn how to make espresso using the best automatic espresso machine and best espresso beans.


Each of the four bars will serve its own take on the caffeinated cocktail.

Fancy Hank’s, Toasta & Co, That Arancini Guy, Toasta & Co and Butter Mafia are part of the food offering, and for the ones who want to come along but aren’t an espresso martini fan, there’ll be beer from Holgate Brewhouse.

This year’s festival also feature masterclasses and live music.

Mr Black Festival founder, Tom Baker says:

“It’s great to be back in Melbourne for our second year. This year’s festival is shaping up to be bigger, better and boozier than ever, with over 20 world class coffee cocktails, masterclasses, live music and general debauchery. Melbourne’s love for good coffee and craft drinking has no bounds, and we’re pleased to be able to return again in 2017.”

Entry to Mr Black Festival of The Espresso Martini starts at $30 plus booking fee.

Tickets are on sale now. 

The festival will run for three days, Friday 3rd November – Sunday November 5th 2017

If you’re after a free ticket, you can head over to Dan Murphy’s and purchase a specially tagged bottle of Mr Black to receive a free ticket to the festival.

Recipe Mr Black Coffee Nut Espresso Martini

30ml Mr Black

20ml Pampero Especial Rum 20ml Coconut Milk

20ml Espresso

10ml MONIN Coconut




A Complete Guide to Dummy Phones

complete guide to dummy phones

Have you always thought that real smart phones are in display of a cell phone shop? We hate to break it to you but you have been duped! Those are dummy phones most of the time. A dummy phone, or a non-working phone, is used commonly as a representation to indicate that the store have that model. More importantly, this is used to prevent theft of expensive phones.

You may have search the web and find no luck in searching info about these dummy phones. Well, fear not. This guide will delve into what’s inside a dummy mobile phone, how to spot a one from a real one, some examples of realistic toy cellphones and where to find wholesale dummy cell phones.


What a Dummy Phone Interior Looks Like

You may think that it looks real from the outside. But, one Youtuber opened a Samsung toy phone to show what actually is inside of it in this video. Spoiler alert: don’t be surprised if we find no electronics in there.

First, he removed the top case (the one with the screen) and we can see that it’s just a cheap plastic that’s just glued to the metal body. The Menu button can easily be detached as well. Then, he showed the back part. He opened the cover and a thin metal sheet, which represents a battery, is attached in the middle. The camera is just a lens that is fastened on to what seemed to be the receiver.


Comparing a Dummy iPhone to a Real iPhone

Due to lack of resources online, we refer again to this Youtube video comparing a dummy iPhone 6 to a real iPhone 5s. The Youtuber who uploaded this first unboxed the iPhone dummy and when he flipped it, we can see that there is no Apple logo on the back. He said that the dummy iPhone 6 fits more comfortably in his hand than the actual iPhone 5s. The ports and buttons are really perfect replicas of the real ones.


Fake vs. Real: The True Test

fake vs dummy phone

Do you want to know if a phone is a counterfeit? These are some warning signs that you should look out for:

SUBTLE APPEARANCE DIFFERENCES: You might find it hard to search for differences at first glance because the fake one’s aim is to really fool you. However, a keen viewing might lead you to some obvious ones. Observe the color, location of buttons, size or spelling of the brand name. Counterfeiters are able to copy almost all the phone’s details down to very small ones. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to tell if a phone is original. As much as possible, you need to view the phone in person to scrutinize it properly.

FEATURES: iPhones made from China are the best example for this. One can hardly tell the difference between an Apple-made from China-made from the outside. But, once you opened them, the features are way too different. China-made iPhone iTunes app lead to Spotify. Like, what the heck? Then, the counterfeit display is much dimmer compared to the authentic one. The point here is you need to read the specs of the phone you are targeting to buy before making that purchase.

FUNCTIONALITY: Bogus phones are occasionally made out of cheap sub-standard components. Processing speeds are much slower. Also, operating systems might have missing essentials. That’s why the phone may not be compatible with affiliated software and applications.

WARRANTY: All manufacturers have a limited warranty for their products. One give away to tell if it is a fake one is when it doesn’t have a policy wherein you can return a damage product. So, beware!

PRICE: This might be the biggest sign that your phone is a counterfeit. If it’s a lot cheaper than the actual price, you might want to reconsider this. Remember to opt for quality rather than cheap without a guaranteed satisfaction.


Realistic Toy Phones Available at Unlimited Cellular

dummy phones

LG Vortex VS660 Replica Dummy Phone is available in bulk packaging. Some android phones for dummies are Samsung Omnia II I920 Replica, Samsung Galaxy Tab SCH-i800 Replica and LG Chocolate Touch VX8575. These are also available in bulk packaging. They look and weigh the same as the real phones they model. They are frequently used as kids’ toys or shop displays.


Where to find Wholesale Dummy Cell Phones

You can find affordable wholesale options for dummy phone needs at us, Unlimited Cellular. You can always save more when you buy in bulk.




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