Different Uses of LED Lights

Led Lights

It is only the other day when people would only think about tiny red lights in laser pointers anytime someone mentioned LED equipment for sale in London. As more and more people begin to appreciate the energy saving benefits of LED lights for home in London, it seems that there are many more used for LED lighting today beginning from trimless downlights, TVs to headlights as well as wallpaper and clothing and a wall switch inside a bathroom all of which are being lit up using versatile lighting technology.

LED equipment for sale in London is super-compact and they don’t emit heat, therefore, using a greater fraction of their energy into light as opposed to heat as you find in the traditional incandescent bulb.


The design of LED lights for sale in London is flexible and they have a plastic design the means that they can be used in different innovative ways because unlike the other bulbs you can touch LEDs.

LED lights in London

There are many wonderful and weird uses of LED lighting equipment in London so that there is more to LED than illuminating homes and streets. One thing you want to appreciate about LED lighting is that it is 8 times more energy efficient than your standard incandescent bulb but beyond that, LED technology has other innovative uses that cam make use more productive and happier.

LED Virtual Sky panels

LED Virtual Mood Skylight

One of the newest forms of LED equipment for sale in London are LED virtual sky panels which have been designed to take up the place of office ceilings; these light laced modules have been made to mimic the sky so that it gives office workers the impression that they are working in an open field under the blue sky. This provides a more pleasant work environment which cannot be compared to the traditional flickering fluorescent bulbs.

Research has been done to show that the natural day-lighting from this LED technology enhances productivity by up to 15%.

Solar-powered LED car sunroofs

solar powered led car

If you have been inside a car on a sunny day you know pretty well how hot and steamy it can be inside the car’s interior. You may as well want to get on top of things by converting that energy from the sun to better use. This is the idea behind the new solar-powered LED car sunroofs that are being developed by Philips.

As a driver you will be able to switch between a normal, solar powered and clear sunroof when you want to illuminate the car’s interior. If you tied a bunch of incandescent bulbs to your cabinets or car you will be met with funny looks; however, you can get better results using flat rope LED lights which can come on a roll and are available in a dazzling array of colors, are super light and hugely versatile.



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